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Building Connections

Life is all about relationships, personally and professionally.  Lately, I’ve been giving life and career transition workshops that focus on how to ease through change. The most frequently stated fear by my individual clients as well as men and women seminar attendees is loneliness. People are afraid to be isolated or cut off from others. Here are some suggestions that will create deeper relationships and ensure that you stay connected with others.

* The first step is to acknowledge the value of your relationships; you must want to connect with others.

* Be proactive about getting in touch with others. When a visit is not possible, take time for a phone call.  While email has become a wonderful way to stay in touch, hearing another person’s voice is more personal and meaningful.

* Join groups, clubs or associations where you are likely to meet like-minded people.

* Be aware of your self-talk and make sure you’re coming from a positive mindset.

* Seek assistance and guidance from others; ask for help if you want it.

* Be a good friend to others and it will be reciprocated (while there are no guarantees, kindness is commonly returned).

Connecting to others is satisfying and fulfilling and creates a place to share experiences and ideas. Sharing creates the harmony you seek and a life of joy and contentment.  Build close relationships and practice positivity!

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