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Photo Gallery | Local Food Service Provider Showcases Sustainable Seafood

What is Sustainable Seafood?

According to Wikipedia, Sustainable seafood is from either fished or farmed sources that can maintain or increase production in the future without jeopardizing ecosystems from which it was acquired. 

“We are in the middle of a food revolution. Consumers want a quality food they feel good about eating, while knowing that the choices they make today will not hurt the children of tomorrow,” said Tim O'Shea, Co-Founder and CEO, CleanFish,  “People want to know where their food is coming from. The more information we can provide, the more satisfying their food will be.

Leading global provider, Sodexo, Inc., prepared 12 delicious,  sustainable seafood dishes on Tuesday, October 18th at their headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland which you can see in the photos above.

These dishes are a part of new menu options made possible by the "Your Better Choice in Seafood" initiative, which offers the most comprehensive, highest quality, sustainable fresh and frozen seafood programs in the industry.

"Sodexo serves clients in universities, schools, hospitals, senior living facilities and the government. We serve 10 million meals every day in North America; 50 million globally," said Margaret Henry, Director of Sustainability & CSR, Performance, Sodexo, Inc.  “ This commitment to have sustainably sourced seafood by 2015 is essential in meeting the growing demand for protein packed seafood while protecting ecosystems since fish is the only food we still hunt for as a species.”


Sodexo’s sustainable seafood initiative has advanced toward its commitment to have 100% of its contracted seafood certified sustainable by 2015 through strategic partnerships with key suppliers like CleanFish, Slade Gorton and Contessa Premium Foods.

According to Sodexo, they promote:

  • Better Variety - The most recent additions to Sodexo’s flexible, diverse line of frozen sustainable seafood are a greater variety of breaded, battered and encrusted seafood many of which are lower in fat and sodium.
  • Better Taste - Available nationally through a network of approved regional distributors, the initiative provides a comprehensive, high quality fresh seafood program to meet Sodexo customers' needs. Salmon, Tilapia and regional value-added fresh products are featured as well as artisan, eco-friendly offerings like Loch Duart Salmon and Laughing Bird Shrimp from CleanFish.
  • Better Standards - As the global authority in seafood quality and safety, NSF Surefish has developed an independent third party led specifications and quality assurance program for Sodexo. This program is unsurpassed in the industry for consistent, dependable quality.
  • Better Environment – Working with the Marine Stewardship Council and the Global Aquaculture Alliance, Sodexo has made an allegiance to support global standards of excellence for environmental responsibility and accountability in seafood. 

"The health of our oceans and fisheries are in question and the USDA has advised all Americans to eat seafood at least twice a week. Since seafood is the main source of protein for over 15% of the world’s population, reports say that we will soon run out if we continue on this path. We need to manage the environment with sustainable seafood to make sure we will always have it,” explained Mitch Greenberg,Senior Director of supply management, proteins, Sodexo, Inc.