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Photo Gallery | Local Elementary School Raises Funds To Help Childhood Cancer


Students from the Carderock Springs Elementary School in Bethesda, MD raised over 1,800 dollars in the month of October to benefit “JUST TRYAN IT,” a local non-profit organization focused on financially assisting families fighting childhood cancer.


“Community service projects at our school are a main focus. This was an amazing project and I couldn’t be more proud of our students,” said Carderock Principal, Rock Palmisano.


Grades K-5 presented a $1,860 check during an assembly, Thursday to 8-year-old Ryan Darby who is a Leukemia survivor and "JUST TRYAN IT's"  eloquent spokesman.


“JUST TRYAN' It, " is about raising awareness and giving money to assist families fighting childhood cancer. I love the fact that through this we are raising a generation of kids to give back,” explained Mollie Darby.


The “Carderock Ripple,” was the elementary school’s month long service project which was inspired by the children’s book The Lemonade Ripple by Potomac resident, and Carderock parent, Paul Reichert.

In the book, the main character Caroline who is named after Reichert's daughter, decides to set up a lemonade stand to raise money for a friend in need which then causes a ripple effect throughout the town. Lawyer by day, cartoonist-by-night, Reichert seeks to engage kids in philanthropy and inspire them through this book to find easy, creative, and fun ways to better their own communities.

Additionally, all proceeds from the book go to the Foundation for Community Betterment.

All students read the book and were challenged to spend their free time raising money and awareness for the "JUST TRYAN IT" charity.

“What the book illustrates and what I think the children learned is that when you do acts of service it’s actually fun. You don’t need to raise a lot of money, a little goes a long way,” explained author Paul Reichert to the students.

Reichert hopes that the “Carderock Ripple,” will be adopted throughout schools in Montgomery County.


Carderock Elementary is onto its next project: a coat drive. They are collecting coats for those in need starting Thursday, November 3 until November, 18.