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14-year-old afraid to cross street after hit-and-run | News

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14-year-old afraid to cross street after hit-and-run

GERMANTOWN, Md. (WUSA9) -- A 14-year-old Germantown boy says he's now afraid to cross the street along after he was the victim of a hit-and-run while he was riding his bike. 

“Especially when there are people turning left and they stop waiting for me. I’m not sure if they’re just going to run me over me over again because I’m so slow,” Fernando Alvarez told WUSA 9 on Thursday.

That’s what the 9th grader said happened almost two-in-a-half weeks ago on October 6 at around 7:30 a.m.

Alvarez said he was headed to Seneca Valley High School on his bike when an African American woman driving a white van or SUV made a left turn onto Great Seneca Highway at Wisteria Drive and hit him while he was in the crosswalk with other students. Alvarez thinks the driver was trying to squeeze in between a group of students and him on his bike.

“I wasn’t sure if the driver stopped, but they certainly didn’t help me,” Alvarez said.

Other students in the crosswalk ran to his aid.

Alvarez went to school and reported the incident. His father then took him to get treated.

Fortunately, the Seneca Valley freshman only suffered a sprained ankle and a few scrapes. His father, also named Fernando Alvarez, has posted flyers trying to catch this driver.

On Thursday, following two other traffic-related deaths in the county, Alvarez's father joined police and a county councilmember calling for the woman and any other witnesses to come forward. 

"I was scared. Totally scared. Good thing he's alive,” Fernando Alvarez Sr. told reporters after the news conference.

Even if his son felt brave enough, Alvarez Sr. said he won’t allow his son to go to school on his own until the driver is caught.

"She doesn't have a conscious,” Alvarez Sr. said, also describing this person as careless. That’s what he thinks of the driver responsible, but police will not say the same just yet.

"We don't want to speculate and kind of get people off track. We really want to hear from everybody at this point,” Montgomery County Police Spokesperson, Captain Paul Starks said.

“With some of the other recent events in the county, the two fatal accidents we've had involving pedestrians in the last 24 hours, this one is relatively a little less but it doesn't lessen the impact any more. I mean maybe three feet to the left, three feet to the right, a few feet one way or the other, then we can have a fatal here and you know if was out of fear, they left, I would just tell them to come talk to us," Officer Bob Ladany said. 

“They should be more patient because it doesn’t matter what day, there will always be students walking,” said the 14-year-old Alvarez.

Anyone with information is asked to call Montgomery County Police.

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