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The Biggest Loser's Sophia Franklin from Germantown Dishes About Losing the Weight | People

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The Biggest Loser's Sophia Franklin from Germantown Dishes About Losing the Weight

Entertainment Tonight reports: 

It was double-elimination night on last week's "The Biggest Loser," with one contestant being voted off and the one falling below the red line with the lowest percentage of weight lost automatically eliminated from the game. The bad news fell to 28-year-old Sophia Franklin, a high school counselor/cheer squad coach from Germantown, MD, who only dropped two pounds when she got on the scale. ET talks to the ousted "Loser" about why she felt she was ready to leave the ranch and how her stay has changed her life.

You said on the show that you were ready to go home, but were you really? Or was that putting a positive spin on what had to be a disappointing two-pound weight loss?

Sophia Franklin: No, you know, none of my weight loss was disappointing. I was ecstatic with every single pound that I dropped on the show and at home. And I was ready to go home. I knew that everything happened for a reason. I worked my butt off and my result was a two, which meant it was my time to go home and I was ready.

Can you talk about how "The Biggest Loser" impacted your life and where you're at now?

Sophia Franklin: I think that the one thing that "The Biggest Loser" really was able to give to me was just a sense of calm. Like, I was literally all over the place and then some before the show. I think I had my hand in every single problem. And being on "The Biggest Loser" away from everything, away from the phone, Internet, distraction, everything, just gave me a new sense of peace.

You've been at home for a little while; what does your diet looks like at home and what did you learn on the ranch that you were able to take home with you?

Sophia Franklin: My diet at home is very clean, very lean, and extremely green. I eat vegetables with every single one of my meals, including breakfast, a lot of spinach omelets. There's no fast food. There's no baking of like yummy, yummy cookies. I basically eat to fuel my body.

What is one thing that you can do now, or that you are doing now, that you weren't doing before?

Sophia Franklin: One thing that I've definitely noticed … I was always active before "The Biggest Loser," and I find now that in all of my crazy endeavors, like triathlons and centuries, that I'm not in pain after I finish a race. Like I'm ready to go and do it again. You know, I can go harder and I can go faster, and I'm nowhere near as beat up as I used to be carrying all the weight and doing all of these things.

Can you walk us through your weekly workout regimen?

Sophia Franklin: My workouts right now actually are kind of a challenging because I'm suffering from a couple of injuries. So basically my workouts are extremely long and very slow. It's requiring a lot of dedication at this point to just keep going because I like things heavy, hard and exciting and right now it's basically I'm in the pool and I'm on the spin bike and it's taking a lot of perseverance to push through that.

Is there one specific food that has been the hardest to give up, or do you still have a cheat item that you allow yourself to indulge in?

Sophia Franklin: Yes, mine is bread. Any type of bread is my weakness. And I actually test myself by leaving sprout bread, which is still bread and it's still like, "Ooh, bread" to me, by leaving it in my freezer and just having a slice in the morning. And it's an additional challenge that I put on myself to kind of break my bread habit.

Has your newfound confidence affected your dating life in any way?

Sophia Franklin: No, it hasn't. I'm still totally single.

But do you get more attention?

Sophia Franklin: I have. I've been getting hit on a lot, but it hasn't really led to anything.

"The Biggest Loser" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.


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